Photo of Olivia Delgado

Olivia Delgado | Charlotte, North Carolina
Carswell Scholar

Do you have a favorite memory of being at Wake?

“My favorite memory so far has been sitting outside at the fire pits with my friends. Usually, during the school day, we will rotate around as some people go to class, so it is almost like a big game of musical chairs. We will often sit out there and joke around, do some homework, or eat something from Benson.”

Katrina Hu | Cary, North Carolina
Stamps Scholar

What opportunity are you excited about being involved in?

“I hope to study at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome. After years of reading about Rome from a page in a book, it would be amazing to see these historical sites and ancient artifacts in person. I’m also excited to explore today’s Rome alongside classics students from all over!

Photo of Katrina Hu

Photo of Mary Hauser

Mary Hauser | Kennebunk, Maine
Reynolds Scholar

What opportunity are excited about being involved in?

“I am exceedingly excited to explore all of the opportunities at Wake! Particularly, I am interested in the study-abroad houses in London and Vienna because of the opportunities they provide to connect more seriously with a Wake Forest professor, a particular program of studies, and another country and culture.”

Cassandra Hung | West Chester, PA
Stamps Scholar

What club/organization do you love being involved with on campus?

“World Tea Association is a great organization to take a break from studying, meet other students, and learn about tea! Club and intramural sports are also lots of fun and allow me to participate in my favorite sports (tennis and pickleball) while on campus.”

Photo of Cassandra Hung

Photo of Janani Krishnakumar

Janani Krishnakumar | Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Graylyn Scholar

What are excited about being involved with?

“I want to be involved in the music ensembles at Wake and look for any bio-related research opportunities! I think it would be exciting to continue to pursue and improve in my Wake has to offer!”

Lydia Grace Logan | Johns Creek, Georgia
Stamps Scholar

What advice do you have for your fellow or prospective Scholars?

“As a signature scholar, I felt this constant pressure throughout a lot of my freshman year to perform the best and not let anyone down. But as I ran into tough classes or anxiety about my plans for the future, these struggles taught me to not be afraid to reach out for help. If you really want something, you don’t have to necessarily be the smartest or quickest in the room. As long as you put in the effort, keep setting small and achievable goals, and utilize the people that want to see you succeed, you will flourish.

Photo of Lydia Grace Logan

Juan Londoño | Miami, Florida
Gordon Scholar

What club/organization do you love being involved with on campus?

“I love being involved with Culturality, a club I cofounded on campus because it allows me the opportunity to understand and perceive life through different and meaningful points of view.

Isabella Romine | Greensboro, North Carolina
Reynolds Scholar

Do you have a favorite memory of being at Wake?

“I’ve really enjoyed reporting on breaking news stories at Wake and in the surrounding Winston-Salem community. I went to a police press conference earlier this year when none of my other newsroom peers could attend. Representing Wake Forest’s newspaper, connecting with local professional journalists, and writing live updates for the OGB Twitter account made me feel like I was doing something valuable and important for the Wake community.”

Photo of Isabella Romine

Photo of Elodie Wardle

Elodie Wardle | Chester, New Jersey
Stamps Scholar

What are you most excited about this coming year?

“I’m really excited to meet everyone at Wake Forest, including my future peers, professors, advisors, and mentors. I can’t wait to experience an influx of new ideas and perspectives as I begin my college life.

Amaya Williams | Morrisville, North Carolina
Stamps Scholar

What organizations/clubs do you like being involved with?

“I really enjoy being a part of Student Government at Wake Forest and I am currently fulfilling the role of Co-Chair of the Campus Life Committee. Student Gov has allowed me to be a part of so many traditions on campus and contribute to the planning of some of the events as well; such as Mental Health Week!”

Photo of Amaya Williams

Photo of Emily Xiao

Emily Xiao | Lexington, Kentucky
Stamps Scholar

What is an interesting fact about you?

“My parents sent me to China to be raised by my grandma for about two years when I was 1-3 yrs old.”

Jason Zhang | Lexington, Kentucky
Stamps Scholar

What are you most excited about this coming year?

“Being able to meet new people and explore a new environment! I especially want to explore the trails–it will be a nice departure from the places I usually walk or run at.

Photo of Jason Zhang

Scott Zhao | Solon, Ohio
Stamps Scholar

What club/organization do you love being involved with on campus?

“I enjoy being a part of the World Tea Association because it offers me a break from the academic grind where I can relax with a cup of tea and converse with wonderful people.”