Welcome to the website of the Wake Forest Scholars Program.  On this site you will find information on various opportunities for our Magnolia and Merit Scholars, as well as our First in the Forest students.  Here, too, you can find more information on various external scholarship awards that all Wake Forest students can apply to with our support.

Jackie Sheridan, Director of the Wake Forest Scholars Office

Message from the Director

The Wake Forest Scholars Office provides information and guidance to a wide range of students on-campus. Whether you’ve arrived here with a Wake Forest merit scholarship, are looking to find unique external opportunities to grow your skills, or are one of our many first-generation students (whom we refer to as the First in the Forest!), our staff is here to support you.

Magnolia Scholars will work most closely with Dr. Nate French, while our First in the Forest students have a dedicated advisor in Ms. Courtney Morris. I meet most often with our merit Scholars (including our Reynolds, Carswell, Gordon, Graylyn, Mullen/Carswell, and Stamps Scholars) and support any student who is considering pursuing an external award. And Ms. Tammy Burke, the friendly face at the front of our office, is the first to greet any student who walks through our doors.

Your time at Wake will be full of incredible experiences, and we’re here to help you find and make the most of them. Take a moment to explore our website to see the range of opportunities that exist for you. Determine which you are most interested in and may be best suited for—and then come see us to talk them through!

To your success,

Jackie Sheridan

Director of the Wake Forest Scholars Office